Monday, 13 June 2016

Loye Rab - Habib Ullah Afridi
Nasheed Name: Loye Rab
Vocalist: Habib Ullah Afridi
Mixing: Flavio De Martino
Lyrics: Dr Nadeem Khan
Production: Habib Films

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This is an Islamic Nasheed and You are free to use this audio and video anywhere.

'''Habib Ullah Afridi''' is a famous film producer, social worker and having the great experience in politics belonging to the Tribal area of Jamrud in Khyber Agency in Pakistan. He thought about the conditions of the Pashtuns and realized after working in London that how much his nation is lagging behind when compared to other nations of the developed countries. Having the pain for the rights of Pashtuns he became anxious and tried to find the solution of the problems faced by Pashtuns.

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Habib Ullah Afridi
Peshawar, Pakistan
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